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Covid Hip - Covid info, risks, and resources

Covid info hub, highlighting risks and ways to reduce your risk, and linking to other resources

About Covid

Welcome! You’re here because you want to learn more about Covid, or because someone who cares about you wants you to protect yourself and those around you.



Covid is not just a cold. Every infection with covid puts you at risk of many long term problems. There is overwhelming evidence that every infection can cause damage which will impact your long term health, even for “mild” and asymptomatic initial infections.

We already know that even one Covid infection can cause problems in your:

There is strong research that covid is associated with cancers:

Evidence shows the virus lives in people long after the acute infection:

Every infection increases your risk.

The only way to reduce your risk is to reduce the number of times you are infected.

The only way to reduce the risk to others is to not spread an infection.

Links to longer explanations:

Reducing Risk

Covid is airborne - you breathe it in from an infected person’s breath, and it can stay in the air for a long time after being breathed out. So you need to remove the virus from the air you are breathing, or replace that air.

You can remove the virus from the air with:

And you can limit the amount of time you spend in enclosed spaces with infections people.

You need to use these as “layers of protection”, and apply them together to reduce your risk.

protection detail
masks / respirators N95 or P2 standard are the best, a common choice is the “3M Aura”, this guide explains more: People’s CDC - Masking
air filtration Some kinds of filters can remove the virus from the air. “Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes” are an easy to build, cheap solution for this.
outside air Bringing air from outside into your shared spaces can dilute the amount of virus you are exposed to, if someone else is carrying it. Open a window or door, and keep the air moving through.
limit your exposure Reduce your risk by reducing the time you spend in enclosed spaces with potentially contagious people.


These are blogs which mostly focus on Covid - they might also cover other topics.

Link Description
John Snow Project The John Snow Project provides information for the general public to help them understand the risks and how to best manage those risks. Check out their Primers section.
Covid Is Airborne Resources about Covid, including transmission and prevention, reports, guides, tools, media articles, infographics, videos, studies and more.
The People’s CDC The People’s CDC is a coalition of public health practitioners, scientists, healthcare workers, educators, advocates and people from all walks of life working to reduce the harmful impacts of COVID-19.
Clean Air Crew How and why to build your own low cost air purifier
Zeroes.CA is a COVID-aware community built on Mastodon and connected to the fediverse. We’re hosted on servers in Canada, operated by admins who live in Canada, and open to people from anywhere in the world. See also, their collection of links to other resouces.

Other Bookmarks, Studies, Lists etc

Link Description
Long-COVID Resource Guide Contains lots of information, not just applicable for Long-COVID. Sections on risk, covid impacts, children and covid, long covid, and risk reduction methods including masks.
Covid Bookmarks List A categorised set of bookmarks about covid and its impacts. Compiled by JW from OK Doomer
COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Studies Hundreds of studies about covid, organised.
Scientific publications on long covid / PASC An exhaustive and constantly updated collection of studies and data about Long Covid